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From Bitcoin to OneLife to LegacyGold to USI Tech and Finally Bullioncoin, this new digital cryptocurrency age is confusing and I kept wondering myself, “Am I missing a big opportunity here?”

Investing in Bitcoin seemed so erratic. I read the news and one day Bitcoin would drop 35% and the bubble is about to burst! Game over. Then the next day, I read that Bitcoin is going up by 200%. Those are two huge polar opposites – so I didn’t know what to believe.

That’s when I decided to dive in and do my own research. I felt it would be better to not rely on the news and media outlets to determine whether I should get educated in Bitcoins, or any of the above services, or not. What I wanted to do is really learn and understand the fine details of whether or not cryptocurrency will be in the future.

Do words like blockchain, ICO, SegWit and wallet address sound foreign to you? It did for me too. I consider myself a smarter than average person, but when I watched videos or read articles about Bitcoin, I felt lost. I couldn’t seem to comprehend how it all pieced together, which made it difficult to gauge if I wanted to own it or not.

Additionally, the price of Bitcoin was going up fast. During the beginning of my research, the price was around $350 (it’s currently around $18,000). Think I missed that Boat!

A part of me didn’t want to miss the boat of what this cryptocurrency, alongside other digital services, could yield for me, my family and those friends that I currently mentor online. This is why I want to share with you how I got to where I am today and how it has never been easier to change your financial future thanks to Gold and Cryptocurrency. I dove in and spent hundreds of hours learning and gaining knowledge into cryptocurrency.

I made a ton of mistakes and even lost money in the early days. However I learned, and now, I have broken all my previous income records by 10 times and whenever I share my experiences with friends and family, they want to know how to get started with crypto. From my thorough research for the past three and a half year and experience, cryptocurrency is like all other businesses. This was after making mistaking in trying out other cryptocurrencies buy I started with no experience whatsoever. My life changed when I finally settled on a set of services that have secured my financial future, which are all available on my services page. It was no easy feat.

The more I understood Gold, Bitcoin and researched into other coins, the more I found the right opportunities to grow and diversify. With an industry such as crypto, finding the right avenues and know who to trust is crucial.

This is why I run a consultation course that helps people like you understand what’s the best approach to learning about and achieving financial freedom.

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